HHAA SmittenHHAA Smitten
(Photos by JKV Designs!)

Very Dark Brown Jennet w/NLP
DOB 4/06/10 @ 12:12am
Birth Height:  22" ~ Birth Weight: 27 lbs.
MDR #59253
Microchip ID#on file

Sire:  Wit's End Badlands Marauder, 30 ½" Burgandy Black
      Grand Sire:  Sunset Acres Speedway Racer, 32" Very Dk Brown w/NLP
      Grand Dam:  Sunset Acres Meggie Mae, 32 ½" Black w/Cross<

Dam:  Big Woods Best Kept Secret, 32 ½" Dark Spotted
      Grand Sire:  Circle C Motown's Secret, 33" Black w/NLP
      Grand Dam:  Fisher's Justine, 32 ½" Gray & White Spotted
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It had only been a month since our last foal, Le Roux, was born but we were already anxiously awaiting the arrival of another foal from Bessie and Badlands. Our foals are so special to us and after each birth we catch ourselves saying “we’ll never have one any nicer than the one just born!”....but with each foaling we fall in love all over again as if it was our very first foal…..and repeat “oh this one is the nicest!"

In the wee hours of the morning Bessie gave birth to the prettiest, no light point, jennet. Her color still has us guessing from time to time but after taking and looking at many pictures it has been decided she is very dark brown. I must say her adoring personality captured our attention and our hearts and once again we were “smitten” by another beautiful foal born to us at Half Ass Acres. Nothing would do but we name this beautiful little girl for what had taken place in our hearts. We were “smitten” with love for her.

Smitten wears her progeny well, taking the best from her gene pool and sporting around the pastures holding her head up high as if to say, “Surely you are “smitten” with my beauty”…and she is right. She is stocky as can be and stands so straight and tall. Her bite is perfect, her legs are perfect, and she is a perfect match for us.

We would love to have you visit our farm so you, too, can be “smitten” with the charm this little girl has to offer. She comes with that guarantee for sure. All the hugs and kisses she will give you are free! She's for sale! Visit our 'for sale' page for more information.

Thank you to Julia Vaughn of JKV Designs that took photos of Smitten after she helped me with my tax books all day...thanks Julia. You are one in a million!

Smitten at 3 days of age!

Close up video of live birth at Half Ass Acres!

Foaling replay on web cam thanks to WyCherie at marestare!

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