a.k.a. Roger
HHAA Ten-Four, a.k.a. RogerHHAA Ten-Four, a.k.a. Roger
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Brown/Gray Gelding
DOB 10/04/10 @ 9:52pm
Birth Height: 17 ¾" ~ Birth Weight: 15 ½ lbs.
Height on 4/10/11: 23 ¼"
MDR #60381
Microchip ID#on file

Sire:  PGF Peppercorn, 30 ½" Brown
      Grand Sire:  My World Buster, 30 ¼" Dark Red (Sorrel)
      Grand Dam:  Pine Grove Farm's Rhubarb, 31 ½" Gray

Dam:  Engman's Half Ass Acres Shimmy, 28 ¾" Gray
      Grand Sire: Heiken's Ark Achilles, 27 ½" Gray
      Grand Dam:  Engman's Toodles, 31" Gray

Shimmy is one of the dearest and sweetest jennets we own. We purchased her sight unseen and have loved her from the minute we first saw her get off the transport truck. Her demure stature and her stocky body type are rare. When we decided to breed her we made sure that we used our smallest jack, Pepper, to be the one to service this little jennet. Now we know it was definitely the RIGHT choice.

As always we were waiting with baited breath for Shimmy to have her very first foal. Being such a tiny little jennet, we were on constant vigil for any of the first signs of labor. It was a good thing we did that and we were with her the instant she went into labor. As you may have seen, if watching Mare Stare, Shimmy had a “red bag” delivery. That is something a breeder always dreads to see or hear for that matter, but with quick action by Joe, he was able to quickly cut open the bag and get this precious little boy jack out.

Since the date was 10/4/10, my good friend, Dena, suggested naming him Ten-Four and calling him Roger. We did exactly that….it fit him perfectly that night and does to this day. Roger is the smallest foal we have ever had at Half Ass Acres. He weighed 15.5 pounds and stood only 17.5 inches tall (short). He was like holding a tiny stuffed doll and he immediately owned our hearts. We did not let him out of the barn for several days since he was so small. Shimmy was such a fantastic first time mother and really wanted to keep him all to herself right after she gave birth to him. I can understand why……”I still want to keep him all to myself.”

Enough time has passed now that we are letting Shimmy and Ten-Four have more access to the paddocks but still keep a watchful eye out for both of them due to their smallness in size. Ten-Four’s risky birth situation did not have one bad effect on him. He is as normal as “apple pie” and JUST AS SWEET! There are no written or spoken words to describe him to you. It takes seeing him in person to appreciate his “cute factor”.

We Praise the Lord for sending him to us, for Joe’s quick response to his birthing needs, and simply for the Miracle of Birth at Half Ass Acres. Please call to set an appointment to visit our tiny little treasure. You will definitely agree he’s exceptional. He may be for sale at a later date after he is older and we can properly evaluate him.

Below is a link to an instructional video taken of a red bag delivery. It gives a great visual of what it looks like and how to handle the situation.


Here is their web page with more helpful information:

Permission was given by owner to post. Their filly is doing great.

Roger's birth (partial) and the next day!

Thank you to Wy Cherie at marestare for videoing the birth!

Roger after his first body clip on June 29th, 2011.

Roger on June 4th, 2011, 1 day after being castrated!

Roger's 1st day out at 3 days old!

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