Jealous  Much?
HHAA Jealous Much?
HHAA Jealous Much?HHAA Jealous Much?
Jealous Much at 15 months above
Jealous Much as a newborn below.
HHAA Jealous Much?HHAA Jealous Much?
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Dark Tyger Spotted Jack
DOB 4/06/10 @2:27pm
Birth Height:  22 ¼" ~ Birth Weight: 31 lbs.
Height on 8/09/12: 30 ½"
DNA Type on file @ Texas A&M University

MDR #59255 ~ ACOSA #SA2617
Microchip ID# on file

Sire: Heiken's Ark Napoleon, 31 ½" Dark Tri-Colored Spot w/NLP
      Grand Sire:  Heiken's Ark Dandy, 30 ¼" Dark Spotted
      Grand Dam:  LN Nigeria, Grulla Brown/Gray w/NLP

Dam:  Sunset Acres Junebug, 32 ½" Black, NLP
      Grand Sire:  Circle C Little Motown, 35 1/8" Black
      Grand Dam:  Sunset Acres Zelda, 32" Black, NLP

Click MDR sticker to see Miniature Donkey Registry Pedigree Jealous Much's complete pedigree!

How do I begin, where do I start, how can I explain? The people, who know me well, know that Junebug has always held a very special place in my heart. I have loved her so much and that was before I ever owned her. Then one day, Junebug was ours and all was right with the world. Two years ago she foaled, Black & Blue a.k.a. Bruise, who we have retained as our junior herd sire and who, by the way, we consider to be the finest jack on our farm. We chose to breed her to Napoleon this time knowing that the elegance from both parents would only produce a masterpiece. We were not wrong!!

It had only been 14 hours since our hearts had been “smitten” with our new little jennet from Bessie, when Junebug decided it was time for her to share her bundle of joy with the world and what a bundle!!!! As we watched this little guy being born all we saw was white, and more white, and very few spots. As he dried it was evident that his few spots had been delicately placed to perfection. He has dark spots around his eyes with dark eyeliner (guyliner!), a couple on his shoulder, mid section, back of legs, and ears. When he was completely dry his coat resembled lofty clouds floating in the clear blue sky. He stood there with a presence of beauty rarely seen in a new born jack….and he weighed 31 lbs. standing 22.25”…. built like a tank!!! If he had arm muscles I’m sure he would have flexed them to all the other donkeys as if to say, “JEALOUS MUCH?” He is a one of a kind boy with lots of herd sire potential. For now we are going to hold on to Jealous and if we decide to keep him we may offer his sire for sale at a later date. We certainly don't need two spotted jacks.

Jealous Much on 6/25/11 @ 15 month of of age!

Jealous Much? at three days old!

Close up video of live birth at Half Ass Acres

Foaling replay on cam thanks to Mayhan at marestare!

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